Our commitment to provide professionally managed, comprehensive, integrated solutions for clients' requirements reflects ISI's drive to set a national standard for responsiveness.

A major building block of that commitment is the array of management, technical and product-support services we offer.


Project Management and Technical Services

Project Management

ISI's project managers apply their extensive training and experience in the contract furniture industry to keep our clients' projects progressing according to plan, develop solutions for unforeseen problems, address special requests and emergent requirements, ensure a timely flow of communication among the members of the project team, and initiate and track the reporting and other paperwork essential for a smoothly running project.

Our project manager—supported by an assigned project coordinator—brings efficiency to information and communication tasks by serving as ISI's single point of contact throughout the project's life.

Planning is another big part of the project manager's job. Prior to a project getting underway, the ISI project manager analyzes the project goals, requirements and constraints and then develops a plan which spells out the critical event dates, project phasing and required staffing levels; the schedules for installation work and related receiving and/or delivery activity; the tool and equipment requirements; the permit and security requirements and any special safety training, procedures or equipment which may be required; and the requirements and triggers for coordinating ISI's work with the activity of other trades that may be involved in the project.

Our project manager will see the project through to completion, assisting the assigned foreman with field management, overseeing the generation and resolution of the punch list, and processing the various documents needed to properly close out the project. As needed, the project manager will also arrange the technical services needed to produce furniture take-offs, furniture reconfiguration layouts and drawing revisions as well as other AutoCAD visualization capabilities at our disposal.

If the project involves workspace relocation, our project manager will be available to either personally undertake the move management function or integrate the efforts of a separate move manager, which is often the better approach when the needs for furniture project management and move management are both quite large.

Electrical and Data Installation

ISI is well versed in various types of office partition electrical systems for both Chicago and national code solutions. We also have the capabilities to provide Decora electrical and communication openings in either plastic or steel base plates as well as communications cabling for installation in virtually any panel system.

On-Site and Specialty Services

Working on a local, regional or national basis, ISI can provide an array of services at client sites:
Facility decommissioning
Finish carpentry
Manufacturer warranty work
Millwork installation
Retail displays
Walk-in coolers
Panel fabric cleaning
Tack board fabrication
Wood touchup and refinishing