Whether you measure by number of projects, complexity of product integration, miles of installed product, variety of brands and lines or collective years of installer experience, ISI is Chicagoland’s premier installer of architectural wall products.

Focus: Architectural Wall Installation

ISI offers a wide range of brand-specific expertise for architectural wall installation:
Clestra Hauserman
Herman Miller
Skyline Design
Tag Wall

A Tradition of Progressive Thinking

Having looked ahead and seen that systems furniture would become the norm in office furnishing, our founders set about making ISI into Chicago's first full-service commercial furniture installation company.

Similarly, the current management team recognized early on the enormous potential of architectural walls and consciously made this product category a key part of ISI's future. Working in close cooperation with early adopters in the design and dealer communities, ISI helped build acceptance of this promising new integration of architectural vision, modern materials and lean manufacturing.

National Leadership in Wall Installation

Today, ISI is known throughout the contract furniture industry as a leading expert in movable wall system installation. ISI wall teams have done the lion's share of Chicagoland's new-product installations at NeoCon showrooms and elsewhere. We've also sent foremen and even entire crews to handle high-profile installations in other major markets around the United States.

Organized for High Performance

Installation of floor-to-ceiling wall systems is a specialty at ISI. On a typical day, we will have 15–20 specially trained installers working on wall projects. Every year, our wall teams install many miles worth of architectural wall and related door product. Doing this kind of volume on a regular basis enables ISI wall installers to maintain peak performance in terms of quality and productivity.

Several of our wall installation foremen are considered to be ISI's point people for the category. Through manufacturer training programs as well as ongoing contact with manufacturer personnel, they stay current on the industry's latest products, product modifications, and material handling and installation techniques on a brand and line basis. They provide in-house training and coaching for their fellow wall specialists and partner with ISI project managers in planning our installations.

A Special Breed

It takes more than product knowledge and polished assembly techniques to install walls correctly. That’s why ISI wall teams are composed of people with special qualifications, including skill in precision measurement, superior attention to detail, the patience and mental focus to solve unique problems, the mechanical aptitude needed to hang doors quickly yet perfectly, and the advanced carpentry skills required for the cutting it often takes to produce clean, custom fits that make the finished job look like it came that way from the factory.