Our Technology

Complicated schedules, tight deadlines and complex coordination are facts of life for contract furniture professionals. To counter these forces, ISI develops technology solutions that can reduce cost and schedule risk while keeping us closely aligned with the client's project team. Ultimately, ISI technology initiatives are investments in our clients' success.

Reducing Risk and Cost in Furniture Installation Projects

The way we use information and communication technologies at ISI demonstrates our progressive approach to furniture and facility services and our constant drive to reduce cost and/or risk in our clients' projects.

ISI technology continues to advance as a result of internal analysis and discussion, feedback from clients and vendors, and interaction with fellow members of our best practices peer group, Facilities Services Network.

Our experience has shown that the more we innovate, the more we enhance the customer experience while making our operations more efficient. There's deep satisfaction every time we see that ISI technology is making a client's work day a little easier.

Pushing Critical Information to Your PC and Smartphone

Three of our most popular and effective technology initiatives are ones that put real-time project status information directly into the hands of ISI clients via email. The feedback from our clients' project teams is always very positive. And that's especially true for out-of-market clients and others who have to oversee projects remotely.
iPhone screenshot: Close-up view of Schedule Notification email

Schedule Notification

Clients receive a Schedule Notification the day before a new job is to begin. The email provides information critical for effective coordination: the project name and associated PO number, the job site address, the start time and the ISI foreman’s name and cell number.
Thumbnail: Example ISI Daily Progress Report with job site photos

Daily Progress Report

At the end of every day for an ongoing job, our foreman sends a Daily Progress Report showing the project completion percentage, the work accomplished and any issues that arose during the day, and the goals for the next day. Photos of the job site appear on page 2.
Thumbnail: ISI Signed Work Order with job site photos

Signed Work Order

When a job is wrapped up, our foreman sends a Signed Work Order, a PDF showing that ISI's work has been completed and approved. The foreman captures the acceptance signature on site using an iPhone equipped with ISI’s mobile OrderWorks app.

An Engine of Productivity in the Office and the Field

OrderWorks®, our custom primary business system, is the technology behind all three of these communication types. OrderWorks automatically generates and sends the Schedule Notification directly from our office. The Daily Progress Report and Signed Work Order are composed and sent from the field using our iPhone-based OrderWorks app, which is connected to the base system.
Screenshot showing Mobile OrderWorks app, main menu
OrderWorks speeds the flow of information and supports decision making in every facet of our business—sales, work order process management, scheduling, dispatch, project tracking, receiving and distribution operations, asset management, finance, even HR.

ISI maintains a tremendous advantage over others in our market thanks to OrderWorks. For example, our five-person sales team produced more than 10,000 proposals with the system’s aid in 2012 alone.

In 2012, we injected OrderWorks efficiency directly into our field operations by equipping more than 65 ISI installers and project managers with iPhone 4S smartphones running our Mobile OrderWorks app. The combination of iPhone and Mobile OrderWorks has brought a tremendous boost to ISI's already high responsiveness and helps us keep clients up to date and projects moving forward like never before. Our staff members routinely exchange work orders, drawings, photographs, daily progress reports and change orders, capture client sign-offs and submit labor hours, all in real time and all while on the go.

Receiving, Delivery and Asset Management

Two OrderWorks companion modules are also vital to ISI operations. DeliveryWorks™ brings tremendous efficiency to both data entry and management for our receiving and delivery functions. AssetWorks™, our custom asset management system, is in daily use at ISI as a technology complement to our receiving, storage, delivery and account management services. AssetWorks is a highly effective tool for helping clients match available product to new requirements and maximize returns on their product investments.

Online Convenience for Scheduling Product Deliveries

screenshot of ISI online delivery scheduler
Our latest advance is an online system for self-service scheduling of product deliveries. Project, transportation and logistics managers, dispatchers and even drivers themselves have 24/7 access to an appointment application that's simple and easy to use. Within minutes of an appointment being made, our system sends a confirmation email to the contact address(es) provided. Reminder emails are later sent as the appointment date approaches. We also provide a quick guide for system users.